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All across the United States dedicated athletes train everyday to maximize performance, increase self-esteem, gain athletic competence, minimize injuries and ultimately increase their chances of winning in competition. Dr. Sita noticed that there was a significant difference in how athletes were developed in the United States as opposed to the rest of the world. Athletes in other countries typically do not begin sport-skill-specific training until around age 12. They spent the first 10-12 years working on “general athleticism”.  American athletes begin emphasizing sport-specific skills in their training at about age 6 to 8 while severely neglecting the foundation of sport performance (core stability & rotary power, flexibility, full-body strength, reaction time, linear speed, agility, quickness, movement mechanics, deceleration technique, gait, balance, coordination, posture & alignment).

Decreased activity levels among American children has resulted in increased injury rates, greater numbers of obese and overweight kids, and unrepresented numbers of American children who develop metabolic syndrome or diabetes. Consequently 65% of American children will dropping out of organized sport participation by high school.