TopSpeed Performance School



  • Proper Nutrition is one of the most complex & crucially important health components to master.
  • 4 out of 5 American Children do not meet the USRDA for micro nutrients
  • Diabetes has increased over 400% in the United States since 1970
TopSpeed Sport Performance Center’s
Performance Nutrition Blueprint

Educate ♦ Motivate ♦ Inspire

  • Discover the importance of proper hydration
  • Find out what supplements work and what supplements to avoid
  • Learn how to eat correctly to maximize success
  • Practical strategies on how to plan and time daily meals
  • What to eat every day
  • What to eat pre-practice or games
  • What to eat post-practice & workouts


  • Let TopSpeed Performance Nutrition Professionals cut through all of the confusing, misleading, misinformation in magazines & on the web.
  • Meet weekly with a performance nutrition specialist (PNS) to review your success
  • Plan your meals, meal prep, grocery shopping list, helpful recipes, & practical hints on how to achieve your individual short- & long-term goals.
  • Gain access to an individual nutrition coach to help overcome barriers to your success
  • A Total Starter Package includes a complete nutritional analysis, a dietary journal, an hour-long jump-start session and eight weekly maintenance/goal setting classes. All sessions can be scheduled before or after a performance class. Only $350 – your success is guaranteed!