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TopSpeed offers a variety of gym membership options:

ADULT – this option is for people 21+ years old and gives members unlimited access to facilities during hours of operation (subject to change: Mon-Thu 9 to 9, Fri 9 to 8, Sat 8 to 3, Sun off)

EARLY BIRD – Early bird members have full access to facilities only on weekdays between 10:00 am & 3:30 pm 

PLUS – Plus membership is for parents of athletes in the TopSpeed Sport Performance Program. Full access to all facilities during all business hours. 

SENIOR – Senior memberships are a full access membership open to anyone age 65+. Proof of age required. 

STUDENT – Younger than 23 years old with valid school ID, provides unlimited access to all facilities during hours of operation. Student/ Collegiate membership discounted June through August and December through January.

* * No contracts, no cancellation fees, and free freeze with 10 days notice

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We offer individual one-on-one Personal Training appointments to address your specific health & fitness needs. Whether you’re recovering from an orthopedic injury, trying to lose/gain weight, or just trying to accelerate getting back in shape, we’ll come up with a plan-of-action to address your individual needs!

TopSpeed offers 1-on-1 training for Adults & Students. Discounted multi session packages are available. Don’t forget to check out Buddy Training – the most effective, economical way to achieve your performance goals.

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Research shows that the #1 key to success in achieving performance goals is to build a support system to get you through the highs & lows.

Buddy Training is your key to achieving success! Buddy Training is Semi-Private Personal Training. Dedicated groups of 2 to 6 schedule appointments and work together toward common goals.

Get your team, special group of friends, co-workers or family members together to participate in workouts. It’s Personal Training at half the price!

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Your family Physician may have told you that literally hundreds of recent research studies have determine that NOTHING is as effective at improving your cardiovascular and neuromuscular health as High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)

With H.I.I.T. it’s vital that programs are scientifically organized (periodized) to maximize gains and minimize injury potential. Unfortunately there are just too many companies and health clubs offering Boot Camp Classes taught by unqualified, under educated instructors. Dangerously high rep sets (20+) & inappropriate exercise selection (a 40+ year old beings asked to perform loaded ballistic movements) are just a few signs that your Boot Camp Instructor falls into this category.

TopSpeed offers the area’s ONLY Medically Supervised H.I.I.T. Classes designed by a PhD Exercise Scientist &  MS Physical Therapist, and supervised by qualified instructors to eliminate muscular imbalances, increase flexibility, strengthen & stabilize core, correct posture and increase functional strength & endurance.

Try one of our H.I.I.T. Boot Camp Classes for free – it will be one of the safest, most fun, most challenging group fitness class you’ve ever taken – guaranteed!

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