TopSpeed Performance School

Cyclone HIIT Classes

Cyclone H.I.I.T. Boot Camp Classes

(high intensity interval training)

You may have recently read an article in popular fitness media extolling the virtues of H.I.I.T. or your family Physician may have told you, at your last check-up, that interval training is the most efficient way to improve your cardiovascular health. Literally hundreds of recent research studies have determine that NOTHING is as effective at improving your cardiovascular and neuromuscular health as High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.).

With H.I.I.T. it’s vital that programs are scientifically organized (periodized)  & sequenced to maximize gains and minimize injury potential. Unfortunately there are just too many companies and health clubs offering Boot Camp Classes taught by unqualified, under-educated instructors. Dangerously high rep sets (>20) & inappropriate exercise selection (a 40+ year old being asked to perform loaded ballistic/plyometric movements) are just a few signs that your Boot Camp or CrossFit Instructor falls into this category. Unfortunately, it’s these poorly run programs that have gotten most of the most recent media attention. However, make-no-mistake, a properly periodized, interval training regime is still the single most effective and efficient way to improve your health!

TopSpeed offers the Philly area’s ONLY Medically Supervised, appropriately periodized, H.I.I.T. Classes designed by a PhD Exercise Scientist and  MS Physical Therapist, and supervised by qualified instructors to eliminate muscular imbalances, increase flexibility, strengthen & stabilize core, correct posture and increase functional strength & endurance. Our Classes are organized to allow you to determine what intensity level is most personally appropriate for you, while at the same time challenging even the most fit individual. Staff are adept at modifying exercises to accommodate current or past injuries, and physical limitations. Classes are held indoors, year round, in our 6500 sq ft, turfed facility.

H.I.I.T. Classes are taught daily, Monday through Saturday. Classes are 60 minutes in duration. Class size ranges from 2 to 8 participants. Class cost ranges from $16 to $20, walk-ins are welcome, no appointments are necessary and multi-class discounts are available. Classes are held at 9:30am Mondays through Fridays, 8:00am Saturdays, and 7:00pm Mondays & Wednesdays. Try one of our H.I.I.T. Boot Camp Classes for free – it will be one of the safest, funnest, most challenging group fitness class you’ve ever taken – guaranteed!

  • Developed & Supervised by a PhD Exercise Scientist & Licensed Physical Therapist.
  • Build Strength, Cardiovascular Health, Muscular Endurance & Confidence.
  • Small Groups for Any Level with Functional Exercises & Circuit Training Formats.
  • New, Clean, Indoor Facility with 4500 sq ft of Turf
  • Classes Held Year-Round in Climate Controlled Environment.
  • Never Get Bored, New Workout Every Day!
  • Innovative Sequencing to Challenge Even the Fittest Adult.
  • High Evergy, Fast Paced, Fun.
  • Low Cost, Convenient Daily Schedule.
  • Walk-Ins Welcome, Multi Class Discount Available.
  • Free 1-on-1 Health & Fitness Evaluation.
  • We Make Fitness Fun Again!