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 Gym Membership



TopSpeed isn’t your average neighborhood gym or national-chain health club. We don’t have a dedicated sales staff whose only job is to lock you into a long term contract. We don’t have circuits of weight & elliptical machines designed to allow you to “zone-out” while watching TV or reading a magazine. All of our equipment and each of our staff have been hand-picked to fully engage you in practical, functional, full-body exercises engineered to challenge your balance, coordination, core strength and stability, neuromuscular, aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways. Our Training Center, Personal Training Sessions, Buddy Training and HIIT Boot Camps Classes have one goal…improve your heath and wellness in the most efficient, and least time-consuming ways while providing a supportive and fun environment! At TopSpeed everyone is an ATHLETE!

Why waste time while you’re waiting for your child to complete a sport performance class? Time is by far your most valuable commodity…TopSpeed offers parents and families of our athletes discounted, no annual contract, full access gym memberships called our PLUS program.

ADULT – Our Adult membership gives members full access to equipment & facilities during all business hours. Adult members are over 21 years old (unless you can prove current school enrollment/employment with a valid school I.D.) $32…per month/No Contract/ No Cancelation Fee/Free Freeze**

EARLY BIRD – Early bird members have full access to facilities only on weekdays between 10:00 am & 3:30 pm $20…per month/No Contract/ No Cancelation Fee/Free Freeze**

PLUS – Plus membership is for parents of athletes in the TopSpeed Sport Performance Program. Full access to all facilities during all business hours. $25…per month/No Contract/ No Cancellation Fee/Free Freeze**

SENIOR – Senior memberships are a full access membership open to anyone age 65+, Proof of age required. $25…per month/No Contract/ No Cancellation Fee/Free Freeze

** 20 day advance notice required for cancellation and/or freeze


At TopSpeed we help athletes understand that coming to class 2x or 3x a weeks will not be enough to help them achieve their maximum performance potential. Being an ATHLETE is a 24/7 job. If you want to become better at math, a language, or in chemistry all you need to do is practice, practice, and practice some more! As with anything in life, athletic performance is a “numbers game” – the more you repeat skills & drills the better you become. In the science of movement skill acquisition, research shows people “learn” skills exactly as they’re practiced – that is, learning a movement incorrectly teaches you to do a movement incorrectly. This why TopSpeed athletes are taught to do a movement “perfectly”.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect. Only Perfect Practice Makes you Better!                                – Dr Nicholas Sita

This is one of the reasons why we give our athletes homework every time they attend a performance class. Student gym memberships are for those athletes who want to repeatedly practice what they’re taught in our classes. Students who workout on their own between classes are those who have the most success at improving general athleticism. The advantage to a student gym membership at TopSpeed (as opposed to the local YMCA or health club) is that we have 4600 sq ft of turf for speed & agility training as well as all of the hard to find functional training equipment like sleds, tires, battle ropes, TRXs, Glute-Ham machines, Jammers, Med balls, etc. At TopSpeed athletes can train like they do at the best Universities, Olympic Training Centers or Professional Sports Team Training Facilities while having access to real-time advice and feedback from the most experienced strength & conditioning coaches in the Delaware Valley.

STUDENT – Student memberships are available to anyone below age 21 or with a valid school I.D. This is a full access membership. (Teachers, school administrative staff and/or coaches with valid school I.D. qualify for this membership). $25…per month/No Contract/ No Cancellation Fee/Free Freeze**

** 20 day advance notice required for cancellation and/or freeze