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Pre-Post Rehabilitation


It’s an unfortunate fact that at some point in our lives, most of us will experience a serious orthopedic injury. Due to the nature of sports (the extremes of range-of-motion performing intricate, highly coordinated movements at high velocity and carrying greater-than-average loads), athletes are at much higher risk for injury.
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The human body’s structure directly affects its function and vice versa. After injury you need to restore structural symmetry in order to improve pain-free function and eliminate dis-functional movement. Often times the root-cause of the original injury was repetition of a dis-functional movement pattern.

Most injuries occur because of overuse, muscular imbalances in strength or imbalances in range-of-motion & flexibility.

At TopSpeed, we are experts in analyzing human movement. We have developed a proprietary system to identify dis-functional biomechanics for running, changing direction, jumping, shuffling, backpedaling, etc.Once identified, we understand how to help you break dis-functional habits, and help athletes re-form more efficient, functional, biomechanical, movement habits. We have the know-how to get athletes back to pre-injury levels of power, strength, speed and agility. Often times we can proactively identify and prevent injuries before they happen.
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As a Licensed Physical Therapist and member in good standing with the American Physical Therapy Association and the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association, as well as a PhD Exercise Physiologist and former Speed, Strength & Conditioning Coach at the United States Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs and San Diego, Dr. Sita has the education and experience to help your athlete prepare for or recover from injury.