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Special Needs – The PowerPlay Program

 PowerPlay Program

The TPS PowerPlay Program is the very best in small group fitness for individuals with special needs!

Autism – Asperger’s – Down Syndrome – ADHD – Prader-Willi – Other Physical or Developmental Disabilities

PowerPlay provides an environment where participants can improve social skills, fine & gross motor skills, self-esteem, ability to work within a team, goal setting, focus & attention, basic fitness knowledge, and body awareness. We also work with special-needs athletes to to improve balance & coordination, motor planning, agility, upper & lower body strength, core stability, and cardio-respiratory fitness through functional strength circuits, fitness activities, sports & games.

One of our ultimate goals is to provide special-needs children with a familiarity, basic knowledge of rules, and rudimentary activity-specific motor skills in a sport or activity which could be applied on the playground or while participating in extra-curricular activities with peers. I addition to focusing on the individual special-needs child, the TopSpeed PowerPlay Program provides parents and sibling training and collaborates with a child’s IEP goals to further reinforce/strengthen skills in other situations & settings, promoting generalization of skills and ultimately bridging the gap between the school, home and community. This program is designed to benefit both a child’s & his or her family’s physical health, as well as each child’s mental health & feelings of competence, contributing to a better quality of life.


  • Improved flexibility/range-of-motion.
  • Build self-esteem, feelings of competence, & self-confidence
  • Improved motor planning.
  • Increased focus, attention span & time-on-task
  • Increased balance & co-ordination.
  • Increased cardiovasular & respiratory system health.
  • Increased muscular strength & muscular endurance.
  • Facilitate increased hormone production.
  • Encourage coping skills & behaviors.
  • Promote healthy activity & eating habits.
  • Strengthened the immune system.
  • Promote social skills and appropriate interactions.

The PowerPlay Program runs in 6x, 8 consecutive week sessions each year. Classes are 60 minutes in duration and 3 days per week. Billing is by credit card, at a low monthly cost of $169 per month (approx. 12 sessions per month). Each session begins with an Open House Saturday Night during which time new applicants are assessed to determine limitations. This process allows the staff at TopSpeed the opportunity to place your athlete in an appropriate small group where he or she is most likely to experience success.

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