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TopSpeed’s Collegiate Level is open to very advanced high school, college, Olympic and professional athletes, age 14-40 years.

During the course of each year TopSpeed has 3 specially priced semesters for Collegiate Athletes:

SUMMER SEMESTER: Mid-June through late August (customized/prorated to coincide with the beginning of summer break and the return to fall semester). Summer Semester usually has both morning & evening classes during each week to accommodate students who need to earn money over break.

WINTER SEMESTER: Mid-December through Mid-January (customized/prorated to coincide with holiday break and return to spring semester). Once again with both morning and evening classes.

SPRING SEMESTER: Mid-March through Mid-April (customized/prorated to coincide with Spring break and return to spring semester)

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For more information or to schedule COLLEGIATE SPORT PERFORMANCE training, contact TopSpeed @ 610-212-0683 or